Pastor Jay Mitlo

Senior Pastor
Faith Community Church
Penn Hills, Pa

Justin is a rare speaker in that he is not only gifted and educated, but he has incredible first hand experience as well. He has not only read the bible, not only “visited” the Holy Land, but lived there and experienced so much of it first hand. He shares his experiences and intertwines them with scripture in a very relatable way. Justin is the ideal combination of learned theologian and clear communicator. I recommend him very highly.

PC CirclesPastor Craig Bellis

Senior Pastor
Covenant Life Fellowship
Washington, Pa

“I highly recommend the Israel Experience 360˚ for your church or ministry group. Justin is passionate about his message and his love for the land and knowledge of the Scriptures provide valuable insight. You will come away with a deeper appreciation for how God’s redemptive plan was revealed in that amazing land.”

Eric Hammond

3 Day Respawn

“Justin’s Israel Experience 360˚ presentation really brought the Holy Land to our church. His knowledge and amazing photography along with 360 video immerses you into a truly amazing place!”

liz circleElizabeth Kazcor

Magnolia High School

“Justin Boothby is a fantastic speaker who really brings Israel alive for his audience. He has spoken to my students twice and they still talk about it!”

Donna Leone

Unity Community Church

“I hired Justin Boothby to run a messianic Seder at my house. His passion for Jesus is contagious. He explained traditional parts of the Seder and also how these traditions were related to Jesus. One of my friends noted that even though she had been a Christian her whole life, she never understood communion until that Seder dinner. He was very patient and understanding with all my guests and their many questions. He speaks from his heart with a genuine love for God. The time he has spent in Israel gives his message a twist not often heard. This experience left me and my friends spiritually richer.”

“When you spoke at Faith Community Church your message reinforced Bible knowledge that I had learned over the years. You are interesting to listen to and make a person think.” – Sally Herr

“Justin speaks straight from the heart with passion that lights up the whole room. There’s no doubt in my mind that Justin was called to speak. He is full of wisdom and knowledge and knows how to engage with his audience. Justin speaks with such strength. Whatever your needs are, you will not be disappointed in hearing from this man of God.” -Lauren Serrapica