What Happens To Prayers At The Western Wall?

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Featured, Jerusalem

In a recent video posted by Jerusalem Dateline, we’re shown what happens to all of the prayers at the Western Wall (AKA Wailing Wall, AKA The Kotel) that people from all over the world insert every single day. 

Two times a year they come and pull out the prayers by hand or by a wooden tool because the Bible says, “No tools of iron are allowed in the temple.” But don’t worry, none of the prayers at the Western Wall are destoryed. In fact, because of Jewish religious practices, as Chris Mitchel says, “It’s forbidden to destroy anything on which the name of God is written.”

So if you’ve ever had a prayer at the Western Wall placed inside the rock, you can be guaranteed that not only will it not be destroyed, but it will also be buried under the mount of Olives. 

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About The Author

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